It was worth staying up late to see the Mets come from behind and take care of the Padres (finally) on the go ahead run by Hairston in the top of the 10th. The extra added bonus was being able to witness Isringhausen’s 300th career save in a Mets uniform. The last time I remember a cool milestone like that was Glavine’s 300th win, though not as important, this was very cool none the less.

The first thing that popped into my head, unfortunately, was Mike Francesca. I remember before the season even started he was harping on Izzy and how he was simply a waste and laughable at best. Tomorrow may be the first time I actually try and chime in on his show and make him eat his words! 300 saves is nothing to laugh at and I’m happy Izzy was able to achieve that goal in the good old orange blue uniform (well grey, but let’s not get technical).

Congrats on 300 Izzy and I hope you have many, many more…in a Mets uniform.