Beltran had a decent first outing on Sunday, providing us with hope watching him run the bases to score a run. Though he seemed like he was hurting, you figured he would be all right. Now as game time is getting closer today, there is word that he may be sitting out another day after taking the day off yesterday. This is not good for Beltran.

I was hoping to have his bat this year knowing it was a contract year. We all know contract years produce better numbers and that would have been a treat for Mets fans. I also hoped he would do well enough to be able to play a couple more years in the bigs and go out on his own terms. But if his knee is giving him problems now, in spring training, then the outlook is pretty bleak. If the rest of spring training is filled with Beltran taking more breaks than hacks at the ball, his career is going to be over sooner than later. This poses the question about who is going to man right field?

Nick Evans has a good bat, but a bad glove. Watching him play defense just makes you cringe more so than not. I personally like the guy and wished he had better defense so he could play out a full season and be a full part of this team, but his spring training hasn’t show anything special so being a pinch hitter seems more of his style.

Everyone loves Lucas Duda’s homer from the other day. He is coming off a pretty good year in the minors and I wouldn’t mind seeing if he could provide the Mets with the much needed pop in the bats to at least keep us in games throughout the year. Having him platoon right with Fernando Martinez wouldn’t be the worst of ideas either, especially since this is supposed to be a write off year. Having Martinez play for a full year might just be what the doctor ordered. We’ve been talking about him forever and his value has been declining due to injury, so maybe proving he’s still worth a good player or two may be good for the Mets come the trade deadline. Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see who can handle the position.

Citi Field is know for it’s cavernous right field and wonderful angles, so who would be the best fit out there? Well, I would automatically say Beltran – no contest – but he’s out. He may be around for a month or two but it’s over after that. Out of the three I mentioned, my vote goes to Martinez. It’s time to get him up here and start seeing if the hype is true. Again, this is supposed to be a write off year, so why not see what we have in store for the future – or as a trade chip in July.