It’s been a while since I blogged about the Mets because frankly, they’re just not doing well. I give a ton of credit to the guys who can write about the Mets no matter what they’re doing as far as wins and losses. For me, a die hard fan, it’s just really difficult.

The season started out like expected, but then there was a real glimmer of hope and it lasted all the way to the All-Star break. I wished the break was cancelled this year because for some odd reason the Mets turned themselves off after that. I mean damn, they just went cold!

The trade deadline came and went and the Mets did nothing. Yeah, I know, it was probably for the best – but you just hate seeing nothing, no matter what the circumstances. Now I look around when I leave my apartment here in PA and see a plethora of Phillies shirts and jerseys. They were non-existent before the break, but now I even see dogs wearing cheesy little shirts. It’s a damn baseball hell for me!

When are the Mets going to make a change? When are we going to get our generation’s Frank Cashen? When is the big name manager going to come to Flushing? Buck Showalter looks really good about now…but I don’t know much about him, other than the Orioles are looking like a real ball club again.

Well, there is always next year, right?