This was a great series win by the Mets, and it was even better to see it happen against on of our more hated rivals in the East. I can’t comment on Saturday night much being I was at a family function, but watching the whole game yesterday, I felt a hell of a lot better than I did on Friday.

R.A. Dickey looked great, even when he faltered a bit after the Mets were able to get 7 runs on the board. It seemed like he was taking a few chances having such a comfortable lead, but he got right back on track and was able to keep the Marlins down through six innings. Capuano was not too impressive and left a mess for Carrasco, which he quickly cleaned up.

I would like to give the Marlins defense a hand for letting us just pile on the runs and make sure they had no chance of coming back. Even thought we had four unearned runs, I think it’s good to take advantage of a team when it’s playing poorly and making sure you kick them when they’re down. We’ve seen the Mets unravel many times after having a large lead and being able to just sit back and watch them win was fulfilling.

The real test for the Mets is coming up tomorrow when they drive into Philly and take on the defending NL East champs. Seeing only one of the two best pitchers in baseball does make it a little easier, but it will be a test none the less and I can guarantee defense will be on point by the Phils. I can’t wait.