Man, I really don’t know how to feel about this one. I know he’s not God’s gift, and we knew this would happen when Beltran came back, but it really bothers me knowing he is likely out of the uniform this weekend.

Who’s gonna take him? Who really wants him?

I love the arm, but I know the bat has been fairly quiet. You can’t sit Bay and you gotta give Beltran his chance to get back to form and Pagan’s bat is too good this year to even think about sitting him. It’s going to be done and I hope we get someone back that can give this team a little spark and help get them back to their winning ways of the first half. So far, we’ve looked pretty bad and I really just can’t wait until they get back home. We need to get that winning feeling back, and on a roll for the next couple weeks if we still want a shot at some “Serious October Baseball”.