Finally! The Mets take three of four from the Cubbies to grab the series win and a much needed step in the right direction. The season is just getting started and I hope we see more wins than losses in the Mets future!

Mike Pelfrey is currently rockin’ a 0.86 ERA and is fourth lowest in Major League Baseball, third in the National League. Gotta love the numbers and the stuff he has been showing us. Not getting worked up when he walks batters, keeps focused and has a stare that shows confidence and intense fury. 19 straight scoreless innings can’t hurt either.

Ike Davis is finally joining the Mets in the bigs and he had a great first game and first series. I love how he looks like he’s been on this team since last year! You can’t teach that type of cool in the bigs, or life for that matter! It feels good knowing we have in the least a good player getting seasoned to become a great player.

Honorable mentions gotta got to Frenchy for getting out of his slump and Pagan for giving us that bomb in the Cubs series. I also want to give Ollie a high five for at least keeping us in games we could have won with a big hit.

Two weeks in, many more to go and the Phillies in a few days.