I’m sitting on the couch last night at my second family’s East Islip home, dreading the sight I had just seen. K-Rod just gave up the game tying homer to Bowker and my lovely nephew (Yankee fan) made sure he let me know the game was now tied. Oh the joys of being in a Yankee household, especially when they’re destroying the Sox 10 – 3.

Of course I was just feeling the same I’ve always felt being a Mets fan since 1987 – the first real year i can remember baseball. The Mets were winning and couldn’t close the game, and now they were on their way to losing two straight. But then the magic happened!

Castillo made a stellar defensive play at second to keep the game tied at 4-4! He didn’t record an out, but he didn’t need to. he kept the runner at third and gave K-Rod the chance to get out of the inning with minimal damage. Now enter Ike Davis – the man is just amazing! He ended the inning by making a crazy catch near the dugout, falling over the railing and being cradled by Cora to prevent severe injury – all that and he still held on to the ball!! WE LIKE IKE!!

So here comes the bottom of the ninth – Ike Davis is up and I’m thinking how great of a story it would be for the rookie to save the day and get his third homer of the night, as well as the win for the Mets. But it was not to be. He ends up getting the walk and my new favorite Met comes up to the plate – Rod Barajas.

Molina had a conversation with Berkhardt yesterday talking about how he wanted to be a Met. He was watching video on pitchers, yadda yadda yadda – I think he was just trying to stick it to the Mets one more time, while in our house, but it didn’t work. Barajas was a lucky signing, and I am very, very happy he’s on our side. He has the most home runs for catchers in the league and added two more to his total with yesterday’s performance.

And none more important than the one he hit to give the Mets the game. This one was just a monster shot to the left field seats! I was up out of my chair cheering for our catcher – cheering for the walk-off – cheering for the New York Mets! 6 – 4 the Mets win it and all the players gathered around home to mob the hero of the evening and show him the appreciation he more then deserved.

I was so proud to be a Mets fan last night – and it’s been a long time coming. Yeah, I know we just had a nine game winning streak, but this one game has by far been the most exciting of the year and it just re-charged the Mets – I know it!

Let’s Go Mets!!