Saturday my awesome wife purchased tickets to Opening Day. This will be my first time at Citi Field and I really can’t wait. I attended the last game at Shea and moved away from NY a couple weeks later.

Two years have passed and I’m finally settled enough to make my way out to Flushing again. I’m looking forward to my first game like a kid on Christmas and it hasn’t come at a better time.

This year will separate the true fans from the “when it’s convenient” bunch. A cleansing of sorts. Some may argue that it’s been happening for a couple of years now, but I think this year will prove to be a deeper cleaning.

I’m honestly looking forward to 2011. It’s a new regime and a new way of thinking. We may have new ownership before the season is over, buy I don’t think we’re that lucky.

I hope the Mets celebrate 1986 properly back like they did in 2006. We all cling on to that team, especially Game 6, so why not let us relive the glory days any chance we get.

I predict we definitely play spoiler this year for the Tribe and Phils. Wild Card is wishful thinking, but making it harder on the others is in the bag. Don’t be surprised we make more noise than expected.

A few more days and we’ll get to see if all this becomes a reality. Let’s Go Mets!