So, K-Rod blew another save today against the Giants, costing Santana another well deserved win. It’s really bad when your closer gets up in the ninth and you start to feel uneasy and you actually wonder what it would be like if we had the 2010 Wagner in there instead. I hate feeling like K-Rod is the only answer and I hate the fact that we will always put him in there because he has the job title of ‘Closer’.

Don’t you wish you could just send players away? Forget all the contracts, all the egos, the crap that goes along with the game today and just have the good, solid players out there doing what they need to do to get the win. Unless something happens to the arm or he finally gets back to his winning form, we are stuck with the nausea until 2011. This does not sit well with me at all, but we’re gonna have to deal with it.

What about Jason Bay? I really just don’t get it! Did the Sox know something we didn’t? Do you really believe the numbers? It’s terrible! I’m worth more to the Mets on my couch! They’re paying him $15 million this year to keep watch of left field! It’s just frustrating!! Can we get some sort of offense? What’s Ike Davis’ salary? (Yeah I know, but still)

I hope we have a better time in Arizona. I hope.