Oliver Perez is a waste of money – He never should have been signed. Today’s game was just ridiculous and i couldn’t believe his post game comments. He actually brought up the fact that he was not the only pitcher that had problems today. Are you kidding me Ollie? Are you trying to take a bit of the terrible spotlight off of yourself by bringing up the fact that Mejia had a rough inning? I couldn’t believe he stooped to that level about one of his teammates! What a coward! Maybe if he actually tried to grow up and learn how to pitch  a ball in the strike zone he wouldn’t have to find ways of explaining why he sucks so much!

Jerry Manuel said there were no plans to make any changes to the rotation at this point in time. I hope he was just trying to be careful with his words at the moment and is currently looking for a new starting pitcher, because if he’s not, he might as well join Ollie in the minors. And on another Jerry note, why the hell is Catala-SUCKO still coming into games? He’s another paperweight in the lineup and just has no business being in the lineup. Don’t we have other players in our farm system that can hit a ball to the outfield? My nephew is in Little League right now tearing it up and would most definitely be doing better than Frank – and he’s 7!

Wright – what’s the deal? I’m not gonna blame him for getting tossed in the ninth, it at least shows me he still cares and wants to hit a ball, but it’s time to get the hitting going and sticking around for a while. We need hits! We need hits with men on base! The fire in your eyes you had for the home plate ump should be transferred to your bat and putting balls into the stands! I don’t want to hear you can’t see the ball well – it’s your job to see the ball well! Holy crap!

We should have won this series. Today was a gift from the baseball gods and we said no thanks, we’ll just take the loss. This is not going to win the wild card and we have a shot! C’mon boys, let’s get this thing going!