My last post was that awesome video by The Apple showing you all how fans reacted to the signing of Terry Collins. Very funny yet every Mets fan out there felt the exact same way.

If you didn’t, you’re lying through your teeth.

I stopped following the Mets and their tribulations up until yesterday, mainly because I wanted to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re a true Mets fan, you know I’m not overreacting – this is just how we’ve been living since 2006.

I listened to Terry Collins on WFAN this morning and I felt no different. He just sounded like a man saying the things we all want to hear. Of course we have to wait and see until how he handles the first couple of months as the Mets skipper, but his past dictates his future in my opinion.

I don’t hink I am being unreasonable when I still think Backman was the right man for the job. I’ve seen the videos, the interviews, remarks – whatever! If we can go ahead and hire a man who was pretty much fired from his last MLB gig, we could have definitely given Backman the job!

My mom asked me how I felt about the signing of Collins and I had a pretty simple way of putting it:

You are the owner of a business. You’ve hired a staff you feel can bring your business to the next level. You need the right manager to keep them together, focused and inspired to do their very best for the good of the business.

Now, do you hire a man who was fired from his last managerial position in your line of work – mainly because the staff couldn’t stand him, or a man you saw take another business like yours to the next level just a couple of months ago?

You know who you would hire, so why is baseball different?