Terry Collins’ post game interview today was quick, raw, and to the point. This after another brutal loss suffered by the Mets at the hands of the sub .500 Arizona Diamondbacks – which also completed the series sweep.

Collins’ words may be just as empty as the Mets offense. Though he was at the helm of the Mets’ miracle run to the World Series last year, in New York it’s what have you done for me lately, and there’s not a whole lot happening in Queens. Along with brutal losses you will find Terry’s managing come into question, which some say shouldn’t be warranted due to the rash of injuries suffered by the team.

I say boo hoo.

I’ve watched or listened to 95% of the games this year and though I can’t pinpoint specific decisions off the top of my head – mostly due to frustration at this point – we’ve all witnessed the debauchery.

Terry did try to show he was no longer going to deal with mediocrity and had these choice words to share:

Starting tomorrow we’re gonna get after it here. And those who don’t want to get after it, I will find someone who does. Because in Las Vegas there’s a whole clubhouse full of guys who want to sit in this room and I’ll find them.

I give Terry credit for getting angry today after the loss, and letting the media know how he really feels about the demeanor of the team and how he plans on handling it. I just hope he let the team know as well because his infield does not consist of Steve Gelbs or Ed Coleman.