Well, that was an awesome series! I would have been happy with 3 out of 5, but 4 out of 5 is just fine. Of course the first thing that entered my mind was Chris Young’s mishap, but I got over it pretty quickly. 4 out of 5 baby!

The pitching has been superb! We all knew this was coming, and it’s starting to come into fruition – the largest surprise being Jacob deGrom. What a stud! Unfortunately the offense hasn’t been there to get him his first Major League win yet, but I’m sure it will come.

These past few games have been fun to watch. As a fan you were always waiting for the wheels to fall off, but there hasn’t been any game where it was complete chaos. I have faith and will continue to believe the Mets are on the upswing and the darkest days are behind us.

It’s okay to believe! It’s okay to cheer! It doesn’t always have to be this serious thing where we check stats and wonder who’s getting demoted, promoted, fired, etc. Let’s watch our boys do what we want them to and enjoy the ride…for now.