In previous years I have made my own personal predictions, kept them to myself and evaluated them at the end of the season; and besides for David Wright’s 2012 season, I don’t think I have been close in any respect.  But here I go again, this time with an audience to judge my every word…  But the point of predictions is to make some bold statements, not go with the status quo.


Position Players

C – John Buck:  .247, 22 HR, 64 RBI

C – Travis d’Arnaud: .258, 9 HR, 37 RBI — will be called up on July 5th

1B – Ike Davis: .266, 35 HR, 110 RBI, .315 OBP

2B- Daniel Murphy: .284, 8 HR, 67 RBI, 40 doubles

3B – C David Wright: .304, 26 HR, 102 RBI, 44 doubles

SS- Ruben Tejada: .283, 2 HR, 29 RBI will make 145 starts

OF- Lucas Duda: .272, 20 HR, 79 RBI and will not look pathetic in left field

OF- Collin Cowgill (recently named starter): .265, 10 HR, 42 RBI, 13 SB and 107 starts in centerfield

OF- Marlon Byrd: .272, 17 HR, 58 RBI — comeback player of the year?

Bench: Justin Turner: .273, 3 HR, 35 RBI, .400 w/ 2outs and RISP

Bench: Jordany Valdepsin: .235, 9 HR, 34 RBI, the love affair will end + he will cost the Mets some games

I honestly can’t believe Kirk Nieuwenhuis is on this team, and I have no opinion right now of how he will do, or how long he will on the team…

Starting Pitchers

Jonathan Niese: 15-12 with a sub 3.40 ERA

Matt Harvey: 14-13 with a 3.76 ERA

Dillon Gee: 12-10 with a 4.07 ERA

Zack Wheeler will be called up in mid-May and go 8-7

Shaun Marcum will go on the DL twice this season and go 9-9 with a 4.35 ERA

Jeremy Hefner : 8-6 with a 4.45 ERA

Rafael Montero will make 2 starts this season.