There is no more Einhorn. No more $200 million dollars. A bunch of family and friends will be buying a stake in the team. And, unfortunately, there may be no more Jose Reyes.

I spoke to a die hard Dodgers fan a couple of weeks ago, and even thought that whole mess over there is pretty much just based off of greed, even he knew what a laughing stock the Mets were. A New York baseball team that can’t win, what is this world coming to??!!

Bah! Who knows?! Well, I guess we do, but where the team will go from here? Will there be a Jose Reyes next year? With is injuries this year, I think there may be. I don’t see any team giving him close to Carl Crawford money, but there is always a chance a team may come out fo the woodwork and make that big splash. It happened to Jayson Werth, right?

What about our rotation? The Mets need pitching. Is it really worth spending a ton of money on Reyes when we all know the best offense ia a better defense? I know we have to wait a year or two, but look at the Phillies? How many games did they win, strictly based on their pitching? They are only ranked #16 in the league, but they have a sick record! Why? Can you take a guess?

I love Jose Reyes, I really do, but at the end of the day, he will not be responsible for a World Series win. I’m telling you, there is no way. I hope I eat my words, but I guarantee I won’t. The time is now to save as much money as possible, bring up the kids to see what they’re made of and spend money wisely.

Those are just my two cents. If we sign Reyes, I won’t cry about it, it will be awesome! But expect to wait longer for a Series win.