I was contact by Ryan Feldman, avid Mets fan and publicist for the Queens hardcore/punk outfit called Caught In A Trap, to let me know the band’s vocalist had given an interview where he admitted to writing a song about the 2006 NY Mets and how they were so close to the promised land. Here’s an excerpt:

VENTS Magazine: Can you talk to us more about your latest track “Easy Come Easy Go?”

RICH FIE / CAUGHT IN A TRAP: If you listen to the lyrics you would think it is about a person who constantly lets you down….but if I’m being completely honest…it was written about the 2006 New York Mets baseball season…hahaha…they were CLOSE…then they choked!!! Musically it’s probably the most important song we wrote for the new record…just because it was the first song we wrote together that wasn’t a straight up hardcore song….it was a little more rock and roll in the guitars….and we dug it…..so we kinda used it as a template to write the rest of the album.

Here’s a few words from Ryan himself:

As Mets fans, I think we can all agree that 2006 (and 07 and 08) are some of the more frustrating times in all of sports. Perhaps this jam can help you/your readers let out some Mets frustration when the going gets rough (and with these owners, it seems like that’s inevitable).

Personally, being a fan of the heavier side of music since I first heard Metallica’s “One”, I was eager to take a listen to the track. I was pretty surprised to hear something good as opposed to the crap I hear constantly on a daily basis. Does it suck that it’s about the demise of the 2006 Mets? Of course! But is the song awesome and have potential to be the cry of our frustrations? Yes it does!

So there you have it Mets fans. Hardcore fans in hardcore bands write about our boys in orange and blue and unfortunately for these guys it was about the “struggle” in staying true to them. Like them on Facebook and enjoy the track!


I thought we were on the same page
We had it in the palm of our hand
I thought we had our eyes on the prize
We were heading towards the promised land
But then you threw it all away
Yet you expect me just to understand
Now all we have is shattered dreams
It slipped right out of our hands

They say it’s easy come, it’s easy go
They promise you there’s always tomorrow
But they don’t know
They just don’t know

I thought we could accomplish so much
I guess time was not on our side
I thought you would come through in the clutch
But you decided just to run and hide so
I guess we should just pack it in
Forget about our hopes and our plans
Cause all we have is shattered dreams
It slipped right out of our hands

Can’t figure it out, I’ll never figure out why
You gave us hope but then let hope die