I waited until tonight to post because I was pretty ticked off about how the Mets have been playing the past couple of days. Defense was pretty bad at second and right Tuesday night, and today it wasn’t any better.

Johan was remarkable this afternoon and his only hiccup was wild pitch that allowed a run to score. Honestly, a better catcher would have not allowed that ball to pass, but it is what it is. The other runs were just embarrassing and do not need to take up anymore space here. It was just a bad afternoon at the ballpark once you got past the fifth.

And you’re probably asking, why the hell did you call it “The Mets At 50”? Well, because my life as a Mets fan has been full of turmoil. I know there was ’99, and ’00 – but we lost. There was that awesome 2006 season – but we lost that too. I can’t say I was die hard in 1986, I only remember parts of that season, but I do remember 1987 so that’s where I began my love affair with the Mets. I only remember the 80’s Mets through videos, so there was no “agony” for me, but when the 90’s come around she reared her ugly head.

So, the Mets at 50. There was 1969 and 1986. Mets fans were on top of the world and it couldn’t get any better. The older fans love the Miracle Mets, while the others love the Amazins. But what about in between all that? What is there to celebrate? What is so great about the Mets turning 50?

Honestly, not much. But there is one thing that no one can take away from this team. The Fans!

Where on Earth do you find better fans? The Mets are always looked down upon in MLB, yet we Mets fans do not care for a second. We’ll sit there and pimp out our mobile devices with wallpaper and a custom skinned case. Our closets are full of orange and blue, whether it has a Mets logo on it or not. Cars are littered with ticket stubs and parking slips, as well as magnets and faded stickers from WFAN. Hell, Instagram is littered with Mets fans posting images of ball caps, cakes, clothing, whatever. If there is a Mets logo on it, I’m double tapping that bad boy. And why? Because we’re Mets fans.

Quick story – Mark Ethe (who just joined us on MHC) sent me an email about writing for this very blog. Of course I asked for his piece and loved it – it’s about the Mets, why wouldn’t I. Anyway, he tells me in passing that he was going to meet R.A. Dickey at Barnes & Noble later that afternoon. I asked him if he would mind grabbing me a copy and getting it signed for me – and he said, “Sure, no problem.”

Now let’s review:
I never met Mark. I only just started talking to him through email that very day. He agreed to grab me a copy of the book, have it signed by R.A., and is ship it to my house.

Why? Because we’re Mets fans, and we know how important it is for us to have cool things from players and I would have done the same thing for any other Mets fan. We have our own unofficial family in baseball – it’s the best there is and the best there ever will be.

So along with the Mets celebrating the past 50 years with bobble heads and low ticket prices, you should be celebrating yourselves Mets fans. You deal with the pain of being ridiculed day in and day out. You have to listen to Yankee fans blabber about their stupid rings. We even have to listen to probably the hugest pain in the ass Yankee fan on WFAN – the same station we listen to games on! That’s right we do all the suffering – and all because we will always stay true to the orange and blue.

Happy Birthday Mets Fans – here’s hoping the next 50 bring us more cheers than jeers.