Tomorrow is every Mets fan’s Christmas. The start of a new season and a new hope. We’ve spent the past month analyzing every pitch, hit, bad throw, and home run by our boys in orange and blue and the audition is finally over.

We never agree with the opening day roster, but sometimes there are surprises and maybe we’ll have some with players like Chris Young, Ike Davis, and Ruben Tejada. I personally would have started Wilmer Flores at shortstop, Josh Satin at first and Lagares at center, but what do I know – I’m just a Mets fan.

The 2014 season is already expected to be the stepping stool to 2015, but you never want to think like that. You want to know that your team can win now and even with all the pessimistic views I tend to have about the Mets, I will be hoping harder than ever. I want everyone to say, “Damn! Who knew the Mets were that good?!”

On the eve of another baseball season, I sit here and smile thinking about how cool it would be if I were still blogging in October and talking about whether or not Syndergaard should be starting Game 7 of the Series or will d’Arnaud have a chance at breaking Reggie Jackson’s home run record.

Hey, I can dream can’t I? Let’s Go Mets!