So, the All-Star game is over and the National League beats the American League, finally, and forfeits home field advantage for the first time since 1996. I was in high school, and that’s a scary thought in itself. But nevertheless, we needed that win and who knows, game one of the Series might actually be played in Flushing.

Yeah I said it, and why not?

I’m looking at the glass as half full. You have a few mishaps here and there, but every team has hot and cold streaks, no matter who they are. We’re in second place, not too far off from Atlanta, but of course, the Phils are right on our tail. This makes the whole division very interesting and I honestly don’t think anyone is going to just get on a crazy streak and run away with this division. Hell, if you want to get even crazier, if the top three decide to just stink for a couple of weeks, Florida can even make a comeback – and you all know I’m not talking BS!

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you the Mets are going to the Series, no way – but we have a good shot and I support our boys in orange and blue. I watch almost every game, keep up to date on all the news and have a glimmer of hope. The games we lose are not the worst ones I’ve ever seen. Let’s face it, 2007 – 2009 was just bad and we found new ways to lose, this year, we just get beat or we make an error or two. We don’t straight up beat ourselves and that is a huge improvement.

And then I start to see things like Reyes being injured and not being put on the DL. This drives me nuts! Why do we rush things when it comes to these guys? It makes me start thinking the glass is half empty, especially with my man Big Pelf starting to show some wear and tear…already! I just hope this break gives them all enough rest to get their energy back and in focus. The time is now to start winning series, especially rubber games and keeping the ducks off the pond instead of on them.

The season starts again tomorrow and I’ll be watching, rooting for the playoffs baby! LET”S GO METS!