The third New York Mets Sport Crate is finally in-house and we’re showing it to you right here on Mets Hot Corner.

Overall the crate was cool, but when you’re waiting more than a month to receive it, it brings down the value. It came with the Yoenis Cespedes figure, NY Mets car window visor, NY Mets leather wallet, NY Mets t-shirt, Exclusive Topps Yoenis Cespedes Baseball Card, and one FREE month of MLB TV if this is your first Sports Crate.

If you watched the unboxing of the first NY Mets Sports Crate, you’ll notice that it came with a couple more items than box #2. If you watched unboxing of the second NY Mets Sports Crate, you’ll notice that had more than this one. This is a bummer and has me wondering what to expect from future crates.

Is it still cool to receive these crates? Of course. I just hope we start receiving the crates on time from this point forward, it makes it easier to swallow the fact that items are less and less.

Sports Crate is available for a select number of MLB teams and lucky for us the Mets were one of them. You can subscribe monthly for $40 per month, or by the season for $180 and receive 5 crates. If you do go the season route, you will receive a Sports Crate only figure. Either subscription also comes with one free month of MLB TV, which is pretty cool if you are a huge baseball fan or an out-of-towner like myself.

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