What a game! I was so pumped sitting on the edge of my bed when Wright hit that bloop single to right – WHAT A WIN!!

These are the games that make being a Mets fan so worth it. Through all the losses, bad plays, bad trades, bad signings and everything else – David Wright proves he should be starting the All-Star FAN Game and not a panda bear.

R.A. Dickey was not his dominant self tonight. I know he can’t be unstoppable every fifth day, but damn you know you were hoping for another lights out game earlier today, especially after last night’s debacle. We needed to win tonight and every Mets fan out thought it was almost guaranteed.

Not the case at all.

Dickey wasn’t feeling it tonight. He had a couple of good innings, still had some strikeouts but the knuckler wasn’t knuckling and bad defense made it all worse. It wasn’t a blow out and the game was close, but in your heart you thought it was going that way.

Duda is a whole other story. Watching him play tonight was pretty unbearable. I like the guy, he can hit fr power, but lately he’s just not cutting it – with his defense or his bat. Being the game was won, it’s not a huge issue tonight, but I fear it will be in the near future.

Now with the bad out of the way – the good! Perseverance and small ball helped win this game and the Mets keep on going with their two out hits. Davis came through with a great lead off double and Collins replaces him for speed with Cedeno. A hit by pitch, walk and infield single made way for Wright to come on up and on the first pitch bloops a single to right for the walk-off win!

YES!! The reason why we watch the Mets!! Hopefully we keep this game in our back pockets and sweep out the Cubs over the weekend. Lets’s Go Mets!!