Jon Niese takes a trip to the DL and comes back even better than before! 3 – 0 since his break and man oh man do I love the way he’s taking care of business!

The man pretty much threw a perfect game minus one his start prior, and now he just shakes off a few runs and keeps the door shut on Cleveland. He looked better than Johan and helped keep the Mets undefeated on this road trip.

The rotation is looking mighty strong lately and it proves the fact that baseball is all about pitching! Get the arms and you’ll get the wins! If we can get one more solid starter, I don’t see the Mets hitting rock bottom for the rest of the season, they will keep a stronghold on the top spot.

The Phils got lucky yesterday and were able to hold off the Yanks, so I guess the night was half of a success. But oh how I can’t wait to see the Phils again. I sense another sweep coming on…