An artifact from one of the most memorable moments in New York Mets history is heading to the auction block. The jersey worn by Mets catcher Mike Piazza on September 21, 2001 will be sold by Goldin Auctions on April 30, 2016 during a live event in New York City.

Goldin has a very conservative estimate of $25,000 attached to this piece of history, but the feeling is that it will very well break the record for the highest amount paid for a game-used jersey. In 2008, a jersey worn by Nolan Ryan in 1970 sold for the record price of $53,758. But the significance of Piazza’s jersey is expected to bring in at least double that amount when you consider how much famous home run jerseys have sold for in the past.

Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run jersey from the 1988 World Series sold for $303,277. Bill Mazeroski’s 1960 walk-off World Series winning home run jersey sold for $632,500.

For this Mets fan, it’s a pretty sad event. I’ve always considered that home run to be the most important in New York history and to see it being sold to the highest bidder is a shame. It’s rightful place in the very least should be the Mets Museum at Citi Field. I would prefer Cooperstown because of their proven conservation of historic artifacts, but we can all agree that it will be most appreciated at home where it belongs.

My only hope is that the highest bidder will be a baseball fan who intends to donate it to one of the two museums for future generations to enjoy.