The greatest closer of all-time was on the mound last night for the Yankees and never recorded an out. History was made and it involved Mariano Rivera, David Wright, Dan Murphy, and Lucas Duda.

Watching that comeback last night was simply phenomenal! Wright up at the plate reminded me of 2006 when he was able to hit a ball over Damon’s head – off the great Mariano – and get the walk-off win. Times like that are what makes being a Mets fan worth it.

The Mets may not have 27 rings, a lineup full of multi-million dollar players, or a “cathedral” in the Bronx – but they have the greatest fans in the world who always stick by them.

I am one of the more crazier ones and the past two nights have been like the World Series for me. The Mets aren’t supposed to beat the almighty Yankees – especially not Mariano Rivera – but they did, twice, and I love them for it.

Can you imagine the Mets sweeping the Yankees in their house? I can dream, can’t I?

Yankee fans can sit there and talk all they want, it’s not phasing me in the least. The Mets beat the Yankees, made Mo look like he never pitched a ninth inning before and swept the series at Citi-Field. Boom!