Instead of logging into the blog right after the announcement was made on Wednesday, I figured I would just relax and let it sink in. I was obviously angry about the “writers” decision to leave the best hitting catcher of all-time off this year’s class of inductees, but we don’t always get what we want. Cerrone over at Mets Blog wrote an amazing post about the situation and inspired me to do the same over here.

Piazza was the man while I was growing up a Mets fan. We were all extremely excited when he was brought over from the Marlins and welcomed him with open arms. There were a ton of highlights we could all name off during his career in New York, but none more brighter than his 9/11 home run.

I don’t care what anyone else says. That was the most important home run ever hit in the history of baseball in new York City. Hands down. Period.

But that statement alone makes me just another emotional fan. Of course I want Piazza in the Hall of Fame – he was a Met. We only have Seaver in the Hall and it’s depressing. We should have one more, but again the “writers” reared their ugly head and made sure Hodges never made it. We can also blame the special Golden Era Committee, but that’s a post for another time.

Many opinions on why Piazza was not voted in this year did have me thinking. He was a superb offensive catcher, but he had stone hands. His defense was never admired and that could easily be a reason why he missed out this year – or I at least hope that’s why.

Another reason was his association with this class in the first place. Being surrounded by the steroid era players hurt his chances before voting even started. Add the fact Piazza had acne on his back and it’s a done deal. The “writers” have their holier than thou votes in and Mike is on the outside looking in.

Regardless, my mind never saw him going in the first year. My heart hoped he would be in, but in the back of my mind it just wasn’t going to happen. Too many questions surrounded him about steroids, even though there is no concrete proof he took them or was even associatied with them. I had Yankee fans tell me they hoped Piazza would get in and said he deserved to be in. If you’re a New Yorker, that’s a very bold statement, yet Mets beat writers did not give him a vote and that blows my mind!

I visited the Hall of Fame back in June and I absolutely loved it. The town, the people, even the little Cooperstown Diner was awesome! Of course the hall itself was the highlight, but it’s the experience as a whole that does it for me. Unfortunately, events like this cause all the pessimists to come out and denounce the whole thing. They have every right to do so and can back it up ten fold, but I think it’s bigger than a bunch of plaques. The history that is gathered in this little corner of the country makes me appreciate the great game of baseball. Cooperstown is a must for any baseball fan and should be treated with respect. Don’t let a bunch of “writers” ruin what will be an amazing visit.

I hope we don’t have to wait too long for Mike to get in. I hope his book puts an end to all speculation when it’s released in February and helps his case for 2014. Unfortunately it’s up to the “writers” to see if he’s worthy enough.