I laughed last night listening to the game on WFAN. Wayne Hagan actually called Mike Pelfrey “The Ace” of the Mets staff. Now, I don’t care if your position in the rotation is number one – that doesn’t give you the honor of being called an ace.

I actually had faith last night when I didn’t know Pelf was pitching. After I saw it as a four man rotation to start, my stomach dropped and all my fears ended up being correct. I know all you Mets fans know what I’m talking about. You get that feeling that says “we’re screwed” and it ends up being right 99% of the time. I was all about supporting Pelfrey since he came up, but at this point, I’ve just had enough with the guy. I don’t want to hear anymore about his head being messed up, needs more time to get it straight, psychiatrists, whatever! Either he can pitch or he can’t – take the training wheels off already and figure it out.

On the other hand, the Mets came back and scored seven runs to tie up the game. That was a high point, and it was great to see, but a loss is a loss. Against easier teams, it gives me a little more confidence about us being able to close the deal and getting more wins than losses, but we really need to get the wins against the Phillies, Braves and any other good team in order to even think about the playoffs.

Today we have to face Halladay. Neise is on the mound for us, but Doc is ridiculous. I know he almost lost against the Astros, but I’m pretty sure his off days are rare and I don’t see seven run innings in this game. But this is baseball, so you never know.