Baseball was echoing throughout the apartment yesterday. The sounds of the crowd and crack of the bat broke the stagnant winter air and reminded me of how spring is almost here, and baseball is merely a month away. Jerseys come out of the closet, ball caps come off the rack and the Mets are always worn with pride across my chest. Spring training games have officially begun and the love affair begins once again.

The Mets played their first spring training game yesterday to a 5-5 tie with the Atlanta Braves. I could sit here and break down the game, complain about the errors and bases loaded situations, but I won’t – it’s too early. At least that’s what a few of my Twitter buddies told me yesterday when I complained about this while the game was being played. I should have just been grateful that there was a game on and all other sports were finally put on the back burner. That is until October when they will be used again to semi fill the void baseball leaves.

Listening to Steve Somers after the game yesterday he made a very good point about how important the day was. He explained how any true baseball fan was overjoyed by the start of the spring training schedule and that in some instances, a normal person would catch a falling baby rather than a pop fly – not a baseball fan. So as I sit here writing a quick post this Sunday morning, let’s all hope the Mets can give us a good show today and pray the newborns in Orlando are safe from any crazed fans that may be lurking in the stands. Let’s Go Mets!