I woke up this morning to a barrage of Yankee fans talking down on the Mets before they’ve even played their first game. Of course there is nothing unusual about the ridicule, but on Yankees opening day? Wouldn’t you just be excited about the season starting? What reason would you have for taking time out of your day to sit there and talk smack about the Mets?

You’re worried – and I don’t blame you.

If I was thinking about the Red Sox, I’d be really worried. Now I’m not going to say the Sox are going to win the division in May, but if you think Yankees pitching is dominant enough to keep them down, you’re lying to yourself. And let’s not forget about the much improved Orioles and of course the Rays.

Keep your comments to yourself and stop trying to make yourself feel better by busting our chops. Stop trying to hide behind your asinine comments and check back into reality. You lost last year, you’re not winning this year and you better find some arms because at this rate you’re not winning for a while.