Bill Buckner was on WFAN talking to Boomer and Carton about the obvious back in 1986. He gave his opinion about the play and how it never really affected him, but instead the media pretty much made his life uncomfortable about it. Bill was also very happy about the Boston Red Sox having him back and being embraced by the fans, as well as talking about the Angels game he started the rally in to move onto the Series back in 1986.

Bill was also in there to discuss the new MSG series about the rise and fall of the 1986 New York Mets. Do you think they had him on to brighten up Mets fans in NY being we’re already losing this season before it even started?

I feel for Bill honestly and it had to really wear on him, even after all these years. Carton made a few good points about the game, one being about Bob Stanley. He gave up the wild pitch that scored Mitchell – the game was out of reach for the Red Sox at that point so Buckner should only be blamed for so much. But in New York, he will always have a place in our hearts.