What a sight at home plate! The Mets celebrating is something I had forgotten since the All-Star break, but Ike Davis gave us a glimmer of what can be and gave our boys the series win.

Watching Ike do a spin move onto home plate was just great! There is no reason why the Mets can’t snap out of this terrible funk they’ve been in and end the season with some respect. I know I need something to cheer about and today was awesome! Dickey wining number 16 was great yesterday, don’t get me wrong, but walk-off wins are always special – especially today.

The Mets were on their way to winning the series before the bottom of the ninth. It looked like another meltdown by the bullpen was going to kill us in the end but maybe there was a reason for that. Maybe that was supposed to happen so it wasn’t just a win, but a HUGE win – an IMPORTANT win – and INSPIRING win. Only the next few games will tell us for sure. Kudos to Ike Davis for helping out the fan base this weekend.