Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker interviewed Fred Wilpon and provided Mets fans with some very interesting reading. If you haven’t read the article, you can do so by going here. It is mainly an article about how he became the man he is today, but the main interest for us is how he pretty much rips his three best players.

Wright is not a superstar. Beltran is 65 – 70% of what he used to be. Reyes will not get Carl Crawford money. Pelfrey needs to throw the f’n ball. And what is so bad about those statements?

As a Mets fan, I don’t think he said anything wrong. He is the owner and should know better, but I’m a guy who is sick of being “nice” and people need to just know the truth – stop sugarcoating the obvious. Beltran was never as good we hoped he would be. He was not terrible and had a bunch of high points, but you know we all hoped for way better after his playoff performance with the Astros. Wright started out with so much promise, but has become a strikeout waiting to happen and if you think is an important piece of the puzzle, you’re living a lie. Reyes is playing spectacular this year, but it is a contract year and Fred is right, do you think he will achieve Carl Crawford money? Have you not seen his injury history? And as far as Pelfrey, he didn’t mention the name but we all know who he’s talking about and they just need to get rid of him. The Mets need consistency, not just a few great games.

I don’t fault Fred Wilpon at all. He’s pretty much had enough, as well as all Mets fans. He is the owner, but he is a fan first and gets frustrated about the team – and is only human. I know the timing is bad being we just lost to the Yankees, but whatever – either story sucks and it’s Monday to top it all off.