You knew it wasn’t going to be 162-0. You hoped it would happen, but there was no way in hell – sorry.

I can sit here and complain about the defense, which is definitely worthy of complaints, but it was to be expected. Wright injuring his pinky is a bigger blow than the defense in my opinion. He is hot and now he sits. It’s the same old story happening all over again – or maybe not.

The Mets started the season 4-0. Did you ever think that was going to happen? Of course not, and one loss is not the end of the world. I’m hoping the defense works itself out and we don’t end up too far back in the standings. I expect to win more games, but shotty defense will definitely lose even more, and no matter how many runs you score, a loss is a loss. Every good offense starts with an even better defense.

Today at 12:30 I’m hoping to see one of the best pitching match-ups of the season. I think it will be a true test for Johan going up against one of the game’s premier pitchers, and I hope the defense can keep up us the game.

It’s early – let’s put away the nooses and suicide hotline numbers. Let’s revisit our problems in May. Let’s Go Mets!