Sandy Alderson is finally through to the next round, but who will be the next man to take the wheel?

If you asked my “Mets” heart, it would be Wally Backman. The guy played like I wish every ballplayer would nowadays, but he has no MLB experience as far as managing. So I guess his career as a player doesn’t count?

I understand what they mean by “experience” when you get to the park earlier, leave later, do the interviews, make the decisions, etc – but no one pays attention in the dugout anymore? Backman just sat there and hoped to win games back in the 80’s?

I don’t think so.

Wally sure seems to know how to be a manager.  We all saw what he did with the Cyclones this past season and I think it shows his leadership skills as well as his motivational prowess. I mean let’s face it, getting close to a championship in any sport is not easy and he did just that in his first year.

Now put Backman in a situation where you know the team is in rebuilding mode. You don’t want to officially write off 2011, but you are prepared to do so. You can’t make any major moves due to your payroll, so you pretty much deal with what you have. Finally, you get to season up more of the new players on the block, figure out how the current veterans are doing and make your final decisions on the players going out the door – hopefully sooner than later.

All that while Backman is getting his “experience” as a Major League manager and you may not have a good, but a great recipe in 2012 – at least in my opinion.

Hopefully we’ll see who the future skipper of this team is by next Thursday, closing out this stage of the game and starting the next one.