The inevitable has happened, and to the tune of over $100 million dollars. It is very unfortunate as Mets fans to have to let one of our own go – and to a division rival no less – but it was his time to make money and it wasn’t going to come out of the Wilpon’s pocket. And even though it may pain me to say this now that this is a reality, we do not need Jose Reyes. You can read my post here to see that I’ve been saying this for a while now. We all loved him, but he’s not God’s gift to baseball – pitching is and will always be.

Reyes was eccentric and loved playing to win. The celebrating never bothered me, just the other teams and fans – and they can shove it for all I care. Who wouldn’t want a player on their team that was excited about winning and creating great plays – right? But the thrill is officially gone now and it’s time to start getting over it.

Pitching, pitching and more pitching. Until the Mets decide to bring some fresh arms up or spend money on current proven pros, we’re going nowhere. You can have a team full of Reyes type players and you’re still going to lose. It’s a proven baseball fact so there really is no reason to cry about over last night’s events.

Now, as far as the Mets never even making an offer to Jose, do you really think he was going to accept it anyway? Would you leave all that money on the table to play for the Mets? Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t – but until you learn how to hit a fastball and play shortstop, you’ll never know. The old days are over when it comes to loyalty and it’s been proven time and time again with other players and other teams, it was just our time to feel the pain of not being able to sign one of our own.

Now, if you’re looking to blame Sandy Alderson, you may want to think twice. Adam Rubin put it real nice in an article I read last night that I think EVERYONE should read involving who really is to blame for this mess. Do yourself a favor and read the piece over here – very interesting first choice in my opinion.

Thanks for the memories Jose. We loved you and hated you, and now we’ll always miss you.