I really don’t remember 1986 too well other than Dykstra’s homer to win game 3 of the NLCS against Houston. I was seven years old when that happened and I still feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the Mets to win a series I can actually remember and enjoy. But 1987 is another story.

My parents took me to Shea for the first time and there was where I truly fell in love with baseball and the Mets. I remember walking around the uppers and seeing cardboard cutouts of Gary Carter and other players fans were taking pictures of. You paid a few bucks and stood next to the cutout making believe you met the real deal. I can’t really say why I remember Gary so vividly, but I do and I guess it’s because I always thought of him as a great ball player. I followed him from that point on.

Another cool memory I have of Gary is hitting a home run while I was taking out the trash. Yeah, very random situation, but at the time i was living in Jackson Heights. I was watching the game and was asked to take care of the chore. I walked out and instead of doing the deed quickly, I stood by the window and just watched the game from there – outside of my house. Gary was up and he hit a two run shot landing in front of the giant scoreboard. I pumped my fists so hard, dropped the trash off and ran back inside yelling, “Did you see that?!”

Gary Carter was one of the many valuable pieces to the 1986 team. Game six alone I remember him crossing over the plate and making that motion with his body letting everyone know it’s not over. One of the greatest catchers to ever play the game and has a special place in the hearts of all Mets fans.

I am praying for you Kid.