Will Johan Santana ever get a road win again? Will the Mets do right by him in general anytime soon? My guess is no.

Jeeeeeez, can it really get any worse? He’s been brilliant in his past four starts and yet he’s left with no decisions in all of them. What more can he really do for the team? How much more blood, sweat and tears does he have to shed to get a win now and then?

Tonight stung even a little more being K-Rod gave up the run! Joy. The Mets should have left San Diego with a 3-3 record, but we continue the road losing trend and return home 2-6. Just when you thought they were on a run, they sink right back down again.

The only good thing going for us is that the rest of the NL East is only doing a little better than us. We may still have a shot…maybe….well eh.

Pitching will be a huge factor in us getting to the post-season and I hope we make a move for at least one good arm, maybe even two. I think we have a pretty stellar lineup as far as bats, and when you have continuous good pitching, you want to win. I know Santana has had a pretty bad run with offensive help, but you know it’s going to come around and the Mets will be in a better place.