Die-Hard NY Mets fan Jason “Geeque” Gomez traveled to Seattle, WA to see his beloved team play the Mariners over the final weekend of July. Being the adventurous person that he is, Geeque decided to follow the old saying, “When in Rome…” and indulged in the new ballpark snack craze that is toasted grasshoppers.

After watching the video myself on his Amazin’ Instagram feed and laughing uncontrollably for a few minutes, I decided to contact the young daredevil and ask him why he thought that was a good idea and why he loved the Mets just as much as the rest of us.

MHC: How long have you been a Mets fan?
GQ: As long as I can remember. My mom got me into peewee league baseball as a little one and I became obsessed with baseball. Since my grandparents were fans when the franchise was born, my mom would take me to Shea when I wanted to see the game in person. I fell in love with the team… Doc, Darryl, my all-time favorite Mookie… and since I was born in the 80’s, I got to experience some of their best years, including ’86. My fandom has only increased as I’ve gotten older.

How many games do you attend per year?
As recently as 2012, maybe about 3-5 a year. That number has jumped like crazy in the past few years. Last year, I went to 69 games, which is the most I’ve attended in one year, although I think I might top that this year. I’m at 48 with two months to go.

Why did you make the trip to Seattle?
Every year, I watch the Mets in a different stadium on the road. So far I’ve watched them in Philly, Miami, Chicago & Baltimore. I have friends in Portland so I visited them and then we drove to Seattle. I’ve never been to either city so that was a bonus. Also, the Mets only play the Mariners every three years so I wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity to see them at Safeco.

What made you want to try the grasshoppers?
Funny enough, I forgot that Safeco was the stadium that sold grasshoppers. I was on line for tacos and I was wondering why the line was so long. So happens that stand was the one that sells these jalapeño lime grasshoppers. Anyone that knows me knows I HATE bugs, so I really don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe the beer had me feeling brave but I went for it and there was no turning back.

Safeco Toasted Grasshoppers

Safeco Toasted Grasshoppers

How much were they?
They were $4 for a small cup, although that cup felt bottomless.

What did it taste like?
They were… crunchy. And pretty spicy. I have pretty good tolerance for heat so they may have been spicier to some but I definitely felt the jalapeño kick in.

Any after effects?
The after effects were all mental. Once I came to my senses and realized what I had done, I couldn’t forgive myself. Even worse, I took a video which I can barely watch now. Just remembering that crunch sound makes me sick.

Would you eat it again?
Hell no! Been there, done that.

Was this your first time?
Bro, you have no idea how much I hate bugs. So I can say confidently that that was my first.. and last… time.

Are you interested in any other bugs?
If they come up with something creative involving caramel or peanut butter… I guess there’s a chance. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Was there anything you ate at Safeco that was unique and tasted good?
You mean besides spicy grasshoppers? I was way more conventional with the other food choices I had. They have a double smoked sausage packed with onions and banana peppers which was the best sausage I’ve ever had at a ballpark. I also had Great State Burger, which is exclusive to Seattle, which was tasty. I’m definitely spoiled when it comes to ballpark food being that I frequent Citi Field, known for their wide and delicious food options. In that regard, I’m hard to impress.