Opening Day usually means a win in Queens for our boys, but yesterday they fell to the Nationals 9-7. Twitter and Facebook blew up with comments about Curtis Granderson failing at the plate, Bobby Parnell lacking any real stuff on the mound, and the 18 strikeouts our offense put in the box score.

But there is hope.

I’m not going to say that Andrew Brown will be the best home run hitter we’ve ever had, or Jose Valverde will eventually break Francisco Rodriguez’ single season save record, but it was uplifting to see the Met offense put runs up against Stephen Strasburg in the first inning.

Watching Brown get that offense going with his 3 run shot in the first got the blood pumping, but it was really exciting having one of my personal favorite players Juan Lagares hit a solo shot to give us the lead temporarily in the bottom of the eighth. His defense is simply remarkable and the only blemish was his bat – so hopefully this game gave him the umph to start giving us the offensive support we need to go along with his glove.

Valverde coming in after the atrocity provided by Torres and Rice was huge! Shutting down the Nats rally and then taking care of the 8th was so badass! That was one of the moments in the game where I stood up and yelled with my fist pumping waiting for the top of the ninth to come up.

David Wright did make it interesting by blasting a two run shot over the wall to bring us closer after Parnell and Lannan let us down, but our boys still fell short. Could you imagine if the bullpen could have left it tied? That shot by Wright would have been epic!

There is hope Mets fans! Seven runs were put up on the board and there is life in Lagares and Valverde. I really wanted to come away from the game with a positive outlook. The loss did not deter that in my head and I’m going to stick with it.

And by the way, let’s not talk about the bullpen yet, we can chalk that up to being game 1.