Oliver Perez giving up those back to back homers yesterday put a nice big smile on my face. I wasn’t rooting against the Mets, I was rooting against Ollie – and I’m hoping this was the final nail in the coffin.

But I do have to admit, I’m getting a little worried. Reading baseball opinions not coming from the NY media makes the Ollie situation a little interesting. He’s a lefty and he’s in his twenties. What team wouldn’t give Ollie a chance? And what if that team is able to have a breakthrough and get him back on track?

Ollie started the infamous game 7 back in 2006. He had a pretty stellar outing for what will most likely be the biggest game of his career. I know we would all love to have that Oliver Perez on the mound this year, but that’s not going to happen. But you can’t rule out that he can become that pitcher once again if he is put in a better situation than he’s in now.

Nolan Ryan was an okay pitcher on the Mets. You never would have guessed that he would have become one of the greatest pitchers in baseball. Every book I’ve read about Nolan Ryan that spoke about his time in NY made it very clear that he was not happy in the big city. He was small town country boy and had no business being in NY. He was finally traded and that’s when he started becoming a baseball god. It’s all about being happy and being put in a situation where you feel most comfortable. Nolan Ryan went back to his part of the country and all he had to worry about was getting the ball over the plate where the hitters couldn’t touch it.

No way am I comparing Ryan to Perez – that would be stupid. What I am saying is you always work better when you are comfortable. I work during the day because that’s what my business calls for, but when the sun goes down and I’m by myself with no distractions and some good music, I crank out the same amount of work I did during the day in lass than half the time. I feel better, more creative and more confident.

Now, do you really think Ollie is comfortable here in NY? Can you really blame him for his performance? How would you perform in his situation? Regardless, on the Mets he stinks and I can’t wait until he’s gone, but I just can’t help but wonder.