Did you ever think the Mets would come back from losing to the Astros? I know I didn’t, yet they swept the Diamondbacks and beat the Nats last night to make it five in a row! I remember the same sort of streak happening last year, but I’m hoping we can keep the trend of winning going as opposed to severe hot and cold spells.

It’s also nice to see Bay back in the fold creating some offense. It’s been ages since the concussion and I pretty much had given up hope until he came back and put the bat on the ball. The whole stigmata with the Mets making bad moves is becoming too much to handle, as a fan and I’m hoping it starts to die slowly throughout this season.

The road to .500 is not that far away and could happen against the mighty Phils. The Mets do need to take care of business first and getting these next two games in the win column is vital – especially before getting a chance at redemption.