Daniel Murphy agreed to a three-year deal worth $37.5 million on Christmas Eve 2015 with the Washington Nationals. He was introduced as their new second baseman on January 7th, 2016 and his tenure with the New York Mets was officially over. In fact, the last time Daniel Murphy wore a Mets jersey was November 1st, 2015, so you could say it was over then.

It’s time to let it go. No more Murph. No more #ImWith28. No more errors at second base.

I will admit that when the season started, I followed everything he did. Home runs, RBI’s, .400+ Batting Average – and errors. I wanted to say the Mets made a mistake by letting him walk, but that new guy they got, what’s his name, Neil Walker? Yeah, he never allowed me to talk smack about the move.

It’s the middle of May and tonight marks the first time Daniel Murphy will be visiting Citi Field as a member of the Nationals. Talk around town is he will get an ovation for his postseason heroics in 2015, but there will also be a few jeers to coincide with his fielding hiccups as well. In case you forgot:

And after watching that, you’re probably getting ready to say, “Well, he single handedly beat everyone we faced with his record breaking home run streak!” And I will agree that he was a major factor in getting the Mets to the World Series, but he wasn’t playing every position on the field.

In order to go to the playoffs – and win – takes a team. Pitching was the main reason the Mets even had a chance at the postseason last year. Throw in a little bit of Céspedes, or that Wright single against the Dodgers, and then you realize it wasn’t the Murphy show.

Yes he was exciting! Yes he was amazing! Yes, Daniel Murphy was a beast! But he wasn’t everything, and unfortunately, all I remember is the bad fielding because one postseason can’t make up for years of bad defense.

Now before you crucify me, please know that I was right there with you when he was turning heads and breaking that home run record. One of the best memories I have from the last postseason was watching his record breaker against the Cubs and giving my daughter a high five – I’ll never forget that – but that’s all in the past.

Murphy is a gritty ball player and did give it his all while he was in a Mets uniform, but he plays in Washington now and is the enemy.

Don’t forget that.