The first series of the year between the Mets and Phillies starts tonight. This is where the Mets will be tested and hopefully find a way to let all those doubters know that we can win.

Chris Young had a good Spring Training and it would be great to see it continue now. If the Mets can just keep the momentum going and not let that whole stigma with Philly get to their heads, there is no real reason why we can’t win two out of three. I don’t expect to beat Halladay, but we can take care of the other two as long as they play smart baseball.

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t worried, nervous, anxious, scared, excited, etc… This feels like such an important game even though the season is only three games old. Having Philly look down on us since 2007 is just the biggest thorn in our side and I’m sick of being second to them. We need to get them off their high horse and get them scared about winning the East.

The Mets can do this, I know they can. Let’s all say a prayer to the baseball gods and get the blue and orange going tonight! LET’S GO METS!!