In a very classy move last night, the Mets used selections from the Beastie Boys catalog of ill tracks as their walk-up music to honor Adam Yauch. You need to be either extremely ignorant or dead not to recognize the impact the Beastie Boys have had on the world of music. Other than being one of the originators of rap, they were able to create their own sound that was often imitated but never duplicated.

The Beastie Boys, to my knowledge, were Mets fans. Early photos of the group show Ad-Rock always rockin’ his Mets cap, and being Brooklyn boys, the only choice would be our boys from Flushing.

Along with my loyalty to the Mets and severe obsession with baseball, I am a huge music enthusiast. The Beastie Boys were always one of those bands I was always into. They changed their style with every record and I had the pleasure of checking them out on their “Hello Nasty” tour. That show was an experience in itself that I will never forget.

The world lost a great artist yesterday, as well as humanitarian. Adam was not only known for some of the best bars in music, but he also became an important voice in the Tibetan independence movement. He created the Milarepa Fund, a non-profit organization devoted to Tibetan independence, and organized several benefit concerts to support the cause, including the Tibetan Freedom Concert. He certainly did not waste his time here – but rather made an impact.

Thank you for the years MCA, I know I won’t be the only to miss you.

Beastie Boys MetsLast Night’s Tracklisting
Ruben Tejeda – Intergalactic
Daniel Murphy – No Sleep Till Brooklyn
David Wright – Brass Monkey
Lucas Duda – The New Style
Scott Hairston – Root Down
Ike Davis – Fight for Your Right
Andres Torres – So Watch’cha Want
Josh Thole – Make Some Noise
Dillon Gee – Body Movin’