“The lesson from Wednesday’s Hall of Fame vote: If you break a specific rule by spitting on a ball, there is a spot for you in Cooperstown (Gaylord Perry). But if you’re just outrageously rude by spitting on an umpire, well, not so fast.”

These is the first sentance from a great article on ESPN.com by Jim Caple. Check it out here:

I think this is just a quick thought about how the old timers of the game got away with a ton more than today’s player do. I mean really, you can’t play anywhere near like they used to or you get fined, ejected or the media goes crazy all over you and it’s just not worth it! I for one wish it could kind of go back to the way it was. You always read stories of guys getting brushed back and them knowing it before it came. Players really doing their best to make the play or get to third, whether other players got in their way or not.

As far as Alomar, it’s just the day and age we live in. If you read the article, Ruth & Cobb committed worse offenses than Alomar, yet they were in no problem first ballot. Yes, I know, they’re Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb and it was the first class to be inducted, so I guess you get away with even more. But spitting on an umpire? Come on voters, get over it already!

This is baseball – spitting is part of the game!