Gotta love Opening Day!! Wright opens the season with a two run shot!! Johan shows us why Spring Training means nothing!! As a matter of fact, the Mets as a whole showed us Spring Training means nothing!! And before I forget, gotta love the Yanks getting spanked by the Sox!! LET’S GO METS!! LET’S GO METS!! LET’S GO METS!!

So the game as a whole was super entertaining! I wanna give a quick shout out to Matthews Jr. who was stellar today in the outfield, especially when you see how hard it was for the Marlins to field normal flies. You gotta give it up to Jerry for trying the suicide squeeze, that would have been a crazy, crazy play and major achievement if the bunt went down fair. Could you imagine the message sent to the NL East? The message was sent, yes I know that, but if that bunt goes fair, it’s even louder and clearer. That is the type of baseball we need to be playing! Even the situational hitting was on point. There is just nothing bad about today, it was dare I say, perfect?

Yes, today was just a great, great few hours of baseball for the Metropolitans and I want to just sit back and watch highlights all night. I want to feel good about the game, I want to enjoy being “King” of the city for a night – Thanks to the Schmooze – I want to just listen to the sound of the “First Place New York Mets” coming off the lips of all Mets fans.

I think Neil Diamond should continue to wear his Dodgers jacket, it obviously gives the Mets good luck! The Wilpons love the jacket and we love the Red Sox spanking the Yanks! Looking forward to game 2. LET’S GO METS!! LET’S GO METS!! LET’S GO METS!!