So, we’re about two weeks away from Opening Day and the rotation is going to start taking center stage. Is Ollie really that much better than last year? Did Johan lose a step? Will Pelfrey ever become who he was supposed to be? Is Maine a lost cause? What about Niese? Why aren’t the Mets using Figueroa as a starter?

Would it be the Mets if we weren’t complaining about something?

I listen and read a lot about the Mets. I love the game of baseball, but I can honestly say I am bored with games that don’t include my boys in orange and blue – minus the post season of course. Listen to WFAN when I can, being I am now located in the heart of Phillies country and read Cerrone’s blog like a Mets bible. What I get from all that in a nutshell is really mixed reactions, but safe ones as well. No one wants to really put their heart into the Mets because they fear another lost season is upon us already, especially since those mock standing came out and listed our boys in last.

That is just a bunch of malarkey in my own opinion – did you really think the Rockies were going to make it to the World Series in 2007? Exactly,  now back to my previous thought.

The Mets I feel are going to be hit or miss. Last place is not going to happen, if you really believe that, you’re a Yankees or Phillies fan. The rotation is going to play a huge part this season, but even more greater than others in the past. Reyes and Beltran are already out and I fear more may be upon us. I can’t really say why with true facts, I just get that feeling all TRUE Mets fans possess.

What I am also trying to say is that we can’t lose hope! This rotation can become one of the most feared in the East if it pitches to its potential. Mets fans need to unite and stand behind our boys and stop overreacting before the season even starts! I was listening to WFAN today and there was a comment made about how Mets fans are actually believing the Mets will be in last place, while Yankees fans are totally stating there is no way they will miss the playoffs. All this because of some stupid predictions. Since when do we listen to any sort of predications? Especially in New York?

Let’s hope one of those is right and involves the team to the North.