Sandy Alderson made an announcement yesterday that the Mets will not wait too long to make their decision for new field manager. He also stated the waiting a week and a half just makes you less effective and it sounds like the Mets front office is ready to get the next level started.

You gotta be happy if you’re a Mets fan these days because it seems like the ship is being righted. It will take time, but Alderson is showing the kind of confidence that you need to have when you are the GM of a big market team like the Mets.

I’m sure the manager chosen for this team will ultimately be the right decision. The reason being – Alderson is not going to let the bad press associated with the Mets right now to continue.

You get that vibe and the confidence from Sandy that we’ve been missing for a long time now. Dare I say the same confidence as a one Frank Cashen? I guess we’ll see in a few days.