Terry Collins is the new Mets on field manager. They wanted a guy with experience and they got it.

– Run out of town as a manager

– Experience with the Mets was in the minor league system.

– Did a great job this year in the Mets minor league system according to Mets officials.

– Was already going to be hired by DePodesta once before.

– Barely over .500.

– Managed China in WBC.

Backman was not hired by the Mets because he lacked major league experience. According to this list of things, he needed to have experience outside of the US, have a record of ten games over .500, a buddy in the front office and most importantly, have the team sign a petition to get you fired.

Yep, sounds like a great move by the Mets. If you want to see the silver lining, check out Cerrone’s latest post because you’re not going to find that here.

Confidence just went down…a lot.