News came up this week about Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran being interviewed by the FBI about their relationship with a one Dr. Anthony Galea. The doc is apparently being investigated for distribution of PEDs and of course the media is eating this up. The funny thing is they for got to mention A-Rod is next up to be interviewed, yet no big deal is made about him.

Now why is that? Is it because we already know he’s a cheater? Is it because the NY papers tend to love the Yanks more than the Mets?

In my own opinion, my own crazy opinion, I think it may just be sort of a way in to get the Mets initiated into the group Alex Rodriguez and Andy Petitte started. You know, the steroid clan! The cheaters crew! The PED posse! Whatever you wanna call it, it’s the group no true ballplayer wants to be a part of, and I feel the NY media wants to initiate two more members from across town to kind of say “Hey! The Mets are cheaters too! Now the Yankess are not blacklisted in NY anymore.” Is that crazy? Do you think it’s a little too far fetched?

Not at all – it’s NY! Anything is possible in this town and this is by no means a long shot.

The Yankees are this entity that hangs over every Mets fan. 27 world championships, ton of pennants, Subway Series, yadda, yadda, yadda. Great, I could care less and frankly don’t care. It’s easy to be a Yankee fan, it takes more to be a Mets fan. But so far, what do the Mets have that the Yankees don’t? Clean superstars on their team, and that just may make a few people in the press just a little perturbed.