It’s a week until the Mets open the season in D.C. and I can safely assume we are all pretty excited due to their recent play in spring training. I’m not ignorant to the fact that it’s only March, but I decided to do some digging regardless to see how the Mets have done in the past and compare it to this year’s play. Here’s what I have for you:

2015 So Far
2015 Grapefruit League Standings

2014 Standings
2014 Grapefruit League Standings

2013 Standings
2013 Grapefruit League Standings

2012 Standings
2012 Grapefruit League Standings

When it comes to the regular season, in 2012 they ended up 74-88 (4th), 2013 it was 74-88 (3rd), and in 2014 79-83 (2nd). Each year they go up in wins or position in the NL East, regardless of it being spring training or the regular season. Sure it’s not a perfect increase due to 2014 being an off year in spring training, but you can always see something positive with each year that passed. This year not only do the Mets currently occupy the top spot in the standings, but their runs scored and runs allowed are currently in their favor as well with a +46 – their best since posting a +36 in 2011.

What will it be this year? Do we have an actual shot at taking the crown in the NL East? Maybe it’s as easy as grabbing one of the Wild Card spots? And what will happen if we get into the playoffs? Do we see the offensive prowess displayed this sprint training during the month of October when it counts more than any other time of the season? Whatever improvement comes to fruition, I can definitely guarantee it’s going to be an interesting ride and one I can’t wait to get on.